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my babygirl....

wish i could hold him forever and Ever

me in the flesh :3c

hello, i'm grave, but you may call me kaga, len, ascen or fear! none of those are obviously my real names, they're just pseudonyms/aliases that i mainly go by online!

i created this website to express my creativity and interests through something i love doing, which if it isn't obvious enough; it's coding! some interests will be spread around this site!

i've been coding for at least a few months, so i'm still relatively new to doing it! you'll see improvements through this website and through other websites if you know me on another one!

this website is also my biggest safe space, i love this website, and i honestly would never want this site to be someone elses. this site represents me, i represent this site, and yadda yadda

if anything, building this site helps me distract myself from things, especially things that are troubling! though, i do tend to get a little bit too distracted and caught up in my own codes

quiz shit fuck yeah

What Eevee Evolution Are You? What Champion Are You?

Which Vocaloid Are You? What Lucky Star Character Are You?

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this site was created and established on: november 18th, 2022

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