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image of until whenever i'm not lazy :3c

they're snorbin! they're squeebin! they're dibbly doobyling!

azil the mini absol

azil's birthday: july 9th, 2023

The optimist sees the donut,
the pessimist sees the hole.

oh my idols A VISITOR!!!!!!!

hiii welcome to my hellhole AKA my beloved-beloathed site STRANGLED!

i created this site to see how far i got my coding skills, but also for me to just be me! i'll be improving this site every once in a while with every chance i get!

i'm glad i have the ability to code and such because now i have the ability to do this sorta stuff!

i won't be updating the site regularly and stuff, because i still do have school and a life outside the internet (despite not really touching grass, but that's for another time..)

ANYWAYS anyways!!!! anyways!!! ! have fun on this hellsite :3c you will truly regret it trust me ^__^

click the button to obtain a fact or silliness!!

mini QnA!

what is strangled?

a website for me to test my coding skills n such, and for me to express my interests and talents through coding!

i'm still relatively sorta new to coding, so just bare with me if the site looks trash

why is it called strangled?

when creating this website, i based it off of the Strangled Red pokepasta, which is still currently one of my favorite pokemon creepypastas!

it used to be based off of the game needy streamer overload, which my obsession with has (sadly) died out

i don't really want to change the url, as i am too lazy to do so, and i want to keep this url because i actually was surprised that nobody had taken it yet, and if nobody has, then i will

so yeah, that's basically the origin story of my neocities url!

do you genuinely like coding?

yep, it's been a li'l hobby of mine since late 2022! i have no regrets whatsoever

coding is a bit difficult for me but i think i've been getting the hang of it!

update log!

9/6/2023: joined a new webring!!!
new opening/warning page for when you first open the site! yippiyay!!!

9/5/2023: changed selection color
say goodbye to the diary! no more cringe whining from yours truly

9/4/2023: updated very small things that were more broken than a computer's left ass cheek, or just needed 2 be fixed
updated a neighbor's site button
fixed up the fact it said 'nem' instead of 'neru' for tokyo teddy bear on the music player... boy. thinking nemuri hime got my ass in a headlock
fixed the scrollbar

8/25/2023: finally added an update log wippee ^__^ new site layout new everythang EXCEPT FOR AZIL!!! AZIL MY BABY MY BABY LOVE MY LOVE BABY ARRGRGFRGFGFRGFRGFSG RAAH

web-idol's status!

the idol feels...

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have fun with the chaos >:3c

sweet jamz!


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